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12, Some Streeet, 12550 New York, USA
(+44) 871.075.0336
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HOME SKY Play Trailer Director Jack Parry is an animation director of short philosophical films. His films visually engage with the synergy of music and image giving the viewer a delightful intertwined synthesthetic experience.
Jack is the director of Parry Animation Studios in Melbourne, Australia where he and his wife Marianna, make short films that rejoice in the delight of philosophy, animation and music.
Producer Marianna Parry is an animation producer, lawyer, poet and lover of philosophy.

She manages Parry Animation Studios in Melbourne, Australia where she and her husband Jack, make short films that rejoice in the delight of philosophy, animation and music.
Logline May the objects of your life
NOT become
The object of your life
Synopis Object of Life is a Bergsonian take on a Greek Myth wrapped in some serious Balkan Brass.
ENJOY a playful critique of the philosophy of materialism and representation.
QUESTION your adhesion to the objects of the world and their adhesion to you and...
WONDER what the object of life really is?
The Film
The Object of Life is a reflection on absurd motivations and goals in life. We strive for material gain, social gain, political gain... accumulation, more and more... In the end what does it all lead to?...

The Object of Life is both an experience and an eternal question. Why do we strive to own the world?

Aesthetically the film is a celebration of the marriage of music and motion. Every sound, every beat, every pulse of the music resonates through the moving image. This, combined with vibrant forms, light, and color, creates a transcendent experience. An experience that will energise you and fill you with joy, again and again.

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Fanfare Ciocarlia Fanfare Ciocărlia's unparalleled talent for alloying their Balkan brass with dashes of jazz, pop and rock, all performed with mad precision at breakneck tempos, has given them cult status and made them a permanent fixture in the music scene ranging from punk to classical. Music International Screenings